Product Review: ENO Doublenest VS. Singlenest


We love our Eagles Nest Outfitter hammocks. They are perfect for any occasion, whether we are just hanging out in the backyard, out for a hike, or hammock camping. They have plenty of colors so you can choose your very own style and tons of accessories! ENO sells many different types of hammocks, but I’m going to be talking about the SingleNest and the DoubleNest in this article. These are ENO’s two basic hammocks, the only different between the two are the size and weight! 

SingleNest Hammock Specs



Weight 16 oz.
Material(s) Nylon
Folded dimensions (Dia x L) 3.5″ x 4.5″
Unfolded dimensions (L x W) 9′ 4″ x 4′ 7″
Best use Family/car camping & backpacking

DoubleNest Hammock Specs



Weight 19 oz.
Material(s) Nylon
Folded dimensions (Dia x L) 4″ x 5″
Unfolded dimensions (L x W) 9′ 4″ x 6′ 2″
Best use Family/car camping & backpacking

Why we prefer the ENO DoubleNest to the ENO SingleNest!

The ENO SingleNest is a great hammock for just one person. You might be thinking you don’t really want to share your hammock or you really don’t need the bigger one, but the more space you have in your hammock the better. Even if you aren’t sharing with anybody, I still recommend getting the DoubleNest over the SingleNest.

The only reason you should buy a SingleNest over a DoubleNest, is if you need the weight to be as small as possible. There is a 3oz difference in the two hammocks, but it my personal opinion that it is worth the little bit of extra weight!

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock gives you the space to share your hammock with anyone you desire. Whether it be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, or grandchildren. Oh and let’s not forget about our wonderful pets! They love being close to us just as much as we love relaxing in our hammocks.

The main reason we love the DoubleNest more than the SingleNest is because it has more room to get a comfortable nights sleep! It’s perfect for hammock camping or just taking relaxing naps in your backyard. We own two DoubleNest hammocks so that we can share one when we want to cuddle AND have our own for sleeping.

Buy your own ENO hammock here:

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: ENO Doublenest VS. Singlenest”

  1. Hi Kara,

    What type of hammock suspension do you use/prefer? I know there are a few different ones.


    1. We are still learning and experimenting with our hammock suspension. Right now we prefer using the ENO SlapStraps, which are a webbing based suspension. They are incredibly easy to use and would recommend them for all beginners. Unfortunately, we have noticed that they tend to stretch overnight so we wake up lower to the ground. They also do not have enough loops to properly adjust the hammock. We also tried the ENO Atlas Ext, but they seem to have the same problem. I will make a post about this and update when I find a better system. Thanks for your comment!

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