Product Review: ENO SlapStraps


Choosing a good set of straps is important to getting the right slope on your hammock and directly relates to how comfortable you will be.   Since straps don’t usually come with a hammock we’re gonna get our hands on a couple of different brands and designs and see what we like.

ENO SlapStraps

First on the list are the SlapStrap form ENO.  I would describe them as a no frills strap, no new carabiners in the bag or stitching but, hey basic isn’t bad.  I can appreciate basic.

Each strap measures in at 7′ 4″ ft long each and have 5 loops so, provided you have something to stand on you can have a tight hang between between two trees that are around 20′ apart. that said, don’t do it you will be uncomfortable.   The come in randomly colored bags.  If you’re ordering them online you may get pink,  I got lucky my bag is black and matches my red and black hammock.

These are priced on average with other straps coming in at around $20.  I still use the original set of these that I ordered with my hammock back in 2009 so, they are sturdy and will last if you take reasonably decent care of them.  Mine have endured salt water, desert heat, rain, rolling around in the floor of my truck for a couple of weeks, basically everything but fire and are in great shape.

There are one thing that I personally don’t care for is that the design of the loops make it more difficult than it should be to pull the strap around a tree.  Each loop sticks out from the strap and catches when you are pulling the strap tight around a tree.  It makes it frustrating when you are fighting a thorny bush around a tree and the loops keep catching,    That said, these straps are durable and can handle the thorny bush!

Once we stopped using our hammocks for more than just casually laying around and started using camping and sleeping in them overnight, we noticed that the straps stretch during the night and our butts end up way closer to the ground when we wake up, now this messes with the angle of the dangle and depending on the slope you started with could get uncomfortable.



Supports up to 400 lbs (combined weight on both straps)

Tree friendly


they have a little stretch to them

Loops make prickly situations worse when setting up



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