Product Review: ENO ProFly Rain Tarp


When Kara ordered her ENO Housefly I ordered a ENO ProFly.   For me, the ProFly was the right size (smaller than Kara’s suspended tent condo) and was in my price range.  Both of these are good but what I liked was the reason I ordered it – It looked easy to setup.  That said, I was excited go get to sleep in my hammock and not have things falling on me.

ProFly Rain Tarp Specs

From The ENO Website:



Weight 22 oz.
Material(s) Ripstop nylon
Unfolded dimensions (L x W) 10′ 6″ x 6′ 4″
Best use Family/car camping & backpacking

So, lets get to it


Super easy to setup. Completely unfamiliar with my new camping toy I set my tarp up for the first time after dark and after a quick round of adjustments I was, literally set.

There is enough coverage for me to have my small fold up camp table under roof to set my tablet and phone on and if Dudley, our American Bulldog mix, wasn’t such a priss he could sleep under me.

This tarp is well made.  The fabric is strong, and the seams are sealed well.

Did I mention that it was easy to setup?


The first con is that it broke, critical error.  The second night was super windy and at 4:45AM, one of the top tensioners broke, and it was super loud. I jumped out of my hammock and tied the guy line to the to the loop on the tarp and went back to sleep.  Kara woke up to help but I had it fixed before she could get out of the tent.  Sad to say that I had to take it back to REI, but on the bright side they had a 20% off sale got a ProFly XL for a penny!

The guylines are a little stiff and tend to slip if they are not tied off after cinching them tight.

When I get a couple of uses out of my ProFly XL I’ll let you know how it goes.


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