Natural Bridge Caverns


It’s been cold and raining a lot here in central Texas so, had to get creative with outdoor activities. Solution – cave tour.

This place was as amazing as a Texas sunset. Went on a Monday the group was larger than expected but wasn’t huge. We met up under a shelter area behind the visitor’s center and our not very excitable guide introduced himself. Followed him down to the entrance and once everyone filed down the ramp we got a little history lesson about the discovery of the caves in 1960 and the dedication by the governor. The tour guide was quick in pointing out that we shouldn’t touch anything cause it’s a felony and that it was going to get hot, mostly because of the 99% humidity.
We entered the cave, through a set of glass doors designed to maintain the temperature and humidity. This is where our guide’s lack of enthusiasm was obvious and we moved to the back of the group and did our own thing.
The cave is AMAZING! There are so many formations that you could accidentally bump into things on the edge and walls of the path. So, if you go watch out for that felony… I took a ton of pictures with my phone and posted the best – didn’t want to take my fancy camera in with the temperature difference and humidity. Each room we went into was more impressive than the last and the final room was a massive dome roofed room where we ascended switchback stairs to the exit which were another set of doors and walked back to the visitor center.

This is worth stopping at if you’re in the area and is an easy day trip from San Antonio and Austin.


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