About us

Hello Weary Travelers

DSC_0539We’re Kara and Tim!

We are both huge nerds, we actually met in college getting our degrees in Information Technology at Florida State University.  We both lived in Florida most of our lives but just months after we graduated, we moved to Austin, Texas.

Our nerdy sides love gaming, cosplay, conventions, and technology.

Some of our favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Firefly.

But we have this whole other side DSC_0004to us that yearns for TRAVEL, to grab that margarita, go outside, and lay back in a  hammock, get on a plane and go somewhere. We love camping and hiking and getting away from the commotion of the civilization ANY chance we get.  There’s a constant desire to be in the middle of nowhere looking up at the milky way. The city lights are just too bright, and we can’t see the stars!

One of our travel goals is to move to a completely different country to learn and experience other cultures.

We have created Geeky Camper so that we can share our experiences and opinions about the places we have been to and with the gear we have used. We’ve been to a number of parks here in the state of Texas since we arrived two years ago. And we are planning many more trips, in Texas, and out of state that I can’t wait for! We want to share our experiences so that you can take what we have learned and create your own opinion.

Go out and make your own beautiful memories! I’ve always felt that people let their jobs take over their entire lives. Everyone just waits for the weekend so that they can finally have some fun.  Or people wait until they “retire” so that they can travel and enjoy life. I don’t believe that should be the way we live our lives. Even though we work with technology, there is more to life than just wasting away at a computer day after day. It’s time to take your life back and feel freedom, get out and enjoy the outdoors!

We also love our amazing dogs/children, Lily and Dudley. We try and take them as many places as we can and are lucky to have lots of places that we can take them, but not everywhere allows dogs. We are huge advocates for ALL dogs and especially pit bull type dogs. Lily is an American Staffordshire Terrier, which most people call a pit bull. Every day that we take her somewhere, we are proving the stereotype wrong and showing people the friendly loving side to pit bulls. We got both of our awesome puppies at the shelter and always encourage everyone to get their new family member from a shelter.